How can I manage the pop-up?

Hi, When the Kibana page is opened, a password save pop-up appears.
Can you help me how can I manage the pop-up that appears?

First, the RPA components are opened under the Open activity under Applications and the desired site is opened with winSpy. To open WinSpy, C:>RobustaWorker… (You have installed Worker version on your computer) > driver > winSpy options must be selected in order.

After selecting the Settings > Chrome option in winSpy, the address of the site to be opened is entered into the address text and executed, so that the Site opens and a notification pop-up appears. The pop-up is windows based, so the Settings > Driver > WinAppDriver options in winSpy are selected sequentially, then the Show Window List is selected in the Actions button.

By executing the address in the Window and Frame option in Winspy, we can perform branch clicks on the buttons in the pop-up. As seen in the example, to click the “Block” button, we can click the Find xpath button in winSpy to get the xpath of the button and write it in the Mouse Action> field field in the Process. Thus, the block button in the pop-up is clicked by the robot.