How can i read mail content with using exchange connection?


I used Mail-Exchange connection and i sent mail successfully. Now i want to reach mail content which one is unread. I used Mail-Read/Save/attachment activity but i couldnt reach the content. Can you help me? Thank you.

(I tried all the options I could change in the property window but I was not successful. )

(the error i got)

Could you please check/share save path ?

hello sir,
i checked the path. this is the current path:C:\Users\Robot3\Desktop
previous path:C:\Users\Robot3\Desktop\mail.eml

Mail content is existed in dataset. If you do not require to save e-mail you can leave path field as blank.
If it is required to use it, could you please add \ end of the path?

Mail content is existed in dataset, if you save dataset as excel you can check retrived data from excel.

i would also save it as excel. first, i left path field as blank but than i got an error. than i thought it was about file path and added file path. If there was no error, I would save the dataset as Excel and complete the process. also i added \ end of the path and got the same error.

Which platform do you work? Is it your own server or community? For advance support ; Please let me know then I can check your process.

Hello Sir,

i use my own server.

Do you have access to create ticket to get support at Robusta? If it is yes, it would be better to get support from them. Currently I could not find reason of that.
İf it is no, @yusuf.atalan could you please check it?

hello sir,

yes, i have access to create ticket and have been created a ticket about this topic. thank you for your helps.

If you share your solution(after support contact), I would be appreciated

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hello again,

i used the search activity before the mail read/save activity to reach mail with the specific subject. then i used read/save activity to reach mail content and i saved dataset as excel. so it worked.