Using Non-Latin Alphabets with Components in File Directories

If there is a character other than the Latin alphabet in the file name or directory, the following error is received.

For the solution, the file path or the characters in the name should be replaced with the Latin alphabet. If it could not be done with the ‘File Operation - Rename’ component, the file or folder names can be changed using the ‘System - Run CMD’ component.

Exe name: cmd.exe

Working directory: C:\

In the parameter section, we need to enter the command that we will write. There are different commands to change the file and folder names;

To change the folder name; (ren file path new filename)

ren C:\Users\user\Desktop\тытурок newName
To change the file name; (rename file path new filename)

rename C:\Users\user\Desktop\ятурок.png newName
commands must be used.