Why should I need to use decision table?

As we know that there is a feature as Decision Tables. In there we can set some parameters to get some results. What is advantage of the feature? We can manage these with gateways?

If repeated processing will be done during the process, the process can be controlled with the decision table.

You can add lists to the Decision Table by copying them instead of logging in one by one.

What do you think about this? @berke.coruk @NrsnTly

Let me say my imagination ; if you will get one result depend on some rules(variables), we can determine these rules on decision table. After that we can get related result.

For example : there are variables as a,b,c,d . d can be changable depends on values of a,b,c
d will be “Istanbul” if a = 1 b=2 c=3
d will be “Ankara” if a=1 b=1 c=1
d will be “İzmir” if a=2 b=2 c=2

But we can set these with exclusive gateway as ${a==1 and b==2 and c==3} , what is the advange of decision table?