Calling Process with API

*Authorization information required to trigger the service will be created specifically for the customer.


Example Process Setup: User name and surname are transmitted with the service. process, transmitted

Creates full name from data.

  1. Process Start Service

It ensures that the process is triggered following the specified transmitted parameters.

Url: hostname: IP/scheduler/connector-API/process/start

Method: Post

Authentication: Basic


{“values”: {“username”: “Username”, “username”: “User Surname”},

“quartzDef”:“0 6 6 ? * FR",

“startDate”:“2020-11-16 16:56:00”,

“endDate”:“2020-11-18 16:55:00”,

“runOnce”: “N”,

“run immediately”: “N,”

“retryCount”: “1”,

“name”: “OneStepNotepadRunner”}


*Schedular-Scheduled Process to get related information or use sample query

You can also access the API by clicking the “Parameters” icon next to the relevant process on the tab.

sample query to be sent can be reached.


values ​​: Contains the parameters to be sent to the process.

quartzDef*: Contains the cron definitions of the scheduled processes.

startDate*: The first date the process will run.

endDate*: The date when the process will not be run again.

runOnce: It is the feature that allows the process to be run once.

runImmediately: It is the feature that allows the process to run immediately.

retryCount*: It is the number of repetitions when the process receives an error during its execution.

name: Process model name.

worker: Worker ID number (from the Scheduler screen to the parameters icon

available after printing)

*The specified areas are in case the process is scheduled in accordance with the determined work plan.

used. Otherwise, their use is optional.

Response Body:



message: “Process saved”



  1. Process Status Check Service

The status of the triggered process is questioned at what stage it is. If the process is completed,

It is returned with the output parameter.

Url: hostname:ip/scheduler/connector-api/process/status/{robustaSpid}

Method: Get

Authentication: Basic

Response Body:


status: “SUCCEEDED”,

message : “Your transaction has ended.”,

__out_x: “Username Surname”


Status: Indicates the status of the process. Returns WAITING, RUNNING, SUCCEEDED position.

message: Describes the status of the process.