Causes of 500 Errors

If the fields to be included in the data object are the same and internal hardware character,

If variables with the same id and name information are defined while defining in the Data Object field

If the LoopCounter variable is not written in ${},

If variable and reference names start with numbers, spaces, and special characters,

If the arrows are not connected correctly,

If the Boundary Event is not placed perfectly,

If Start Event and End Event are accidentally put on top of each other,

If spaces are used in variable and reference names,

If the process has a 500 error in another process in the app,

If the script format field is left blank in the script activity,

If " is used at file location in Open activity,

Giving names that are likely to be used more than once, such as Trial, App, to name and key fields in Apps and processes (if used more than once),

If two variables with the same name are defined in the main process and the subprocess, a 500 error is received.