Clicking the Application on the Desktop

Using the ICU and Mouse components, clicking on an image that is visible on the screen can be done by following the steps below. The Match image component in the ICU menu is used to rotate the x and y coordinates of a particular image on a visible screen. The Mouse component in the Keyboard & Mouse menu is used for clicking on an area whose coordinates are given.

Step 1: The desired image is saved in a folder as an image. For example, The image of the following image on the desktop is taken.

Step 2: This image is saved in a folder.

Step 3: The Match image component under the ICU menu is selected and filled.

Step 4: The mouse component under Keyboard & Mouse menu is selected and filled as follows. DOUBLE_CLICK is selected as the action for double-clicking. The x and y coordinates to be clicked on and the variables used in the “Return x-position” and “Return y-position” fields in the ICU match image are assigned.


The desired image can be clicked.