Finding the XPath of the field in the "shell" structure in SAP

We use the Recorder feature of the Tracker application to find the fields in the “shell” format in SAP.

Below is an example of the SAP field with a shell structure.

Field related to Tracker a

First of all, the Recorder tab of the Tracker opens.

As seen in the image below, first click the Record (1) button, then (2) of the desired field, and then click the Stop**(3)** button on the Tracker to complete this step.

As seen below, the properties of the expressions “methodName” and “method parameter” are written in the relevant fields in the “Application/Set methods” component. Type is selected as “attribute”.


Field: /app/con[0]/sound[0]/wnd[0]/usr/tabsTABSTRIP1/tabpPARAM/ssubMAINAREA:SAPLSUID_MAINTENANCE:1104/cntlG_PARAMETER_CONTAINER/shellcont/shell

Type: attribute

Attribute name: pressToolbarButton