Finding XPath in a SAP Application

Tracker is an application that allows us to access the xpaths of the components in the SAP application.

Step 1. Run the exe under the Tracker file in the Driver under the Robusta Worker folder. C:\RobustaSAPWorker\driver\Tracker

Step 2. The SAP opens. After making sure that the SAP I screen is open, the update icon is clicked.

Step 3. After clicking the Update button, the SAP screen xpath tree appears on the window.

Step 4. Press the “+” button to open the Xpath tree

Step 5. To understand which area the xpaths belong to on SAP, we can access the xpaths on the Tracker by clicking the right mouse button. When we click on the right of the mouse, that area on the SAP screen is indicated by the Tracker with a red frame.