Solve captcha with OCR

Apart from special captcha solutions, sometimes free and simple ways can be found. It will be necessary to use OCR for this. However, it is necessary to act with the knowledge that this method is not as successful as other paid solutions.

In this explanation, all the details of the process will not be explained, but only which image proccessing (IP) components help will be mentioned.

The image proccessing steps applied to the capctha screenshot below are as follows.

After the above IP operations, the conversion of the image file processed with the Ocr - Read as text component into text format is completed. By changing the parameter values, solutions with higher success rates can be achieved.

is it possible to add image after IP - Threshold is performed?
I can see image status after dilate,erode and sharpen. However I could not see image status after threshold.
Thank you.

I didn’t understand the problem. Can you share your process and the error you get?

Image Processing-Threshold is the method used to increase or decrease other noises on the image. The output when used is as follows.


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