Access Denied 1020

When I login to site myself there isn’t any problem . But when I try to automate It using RPA I can’t access to the site. What can I do to prevent that?

It seems that robot has been detected by website then it blocks connection. It is required to be checked for solution. Let me investigate to find alternate ways then I will post it here.

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Some websites has protection to prevent cyber attacks. In some cases we can develop some methods to jump over from these obstacles. But these are not permanent or certain solution, just possible to pass.

  1. You can add wait time every click operation (Some websites can catch robot by clicking objects fastly)
  2. When robot has been caught, you can get URL and close and open webiste with that URL then you can go on your processes.
  3. You can open browser with Profile. (Some websites can catch robot by non-cache or non-user profiles)

These methods are just simple ones. You can find your method by understanding of websites’ security policy.

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