Invalid Cridentials error received in Robusta Orchestrator Login

Installing the Robusta Worker services, the Orchestrator Login window opens to establish the connection between the worker and the orchestrator. Suppose you encounter an Invalid Credentials error when you enter your login information in the relevant field and are sure that you entered the login information sent to you correctly. In that case, a different application may use the Robusta Worker port number 8443 port. Authentication cannot be performed because the port number is in use.

As a solution, you need to open Command Prompt (CMD) on your computer and perform a port scan.
To list the applications using port 8443, you can type the following command in CMD:

netstat -ano | findstr 8443
You can then close the open applications by adding the following command to the CMD:

taskkill /PID PIDNUMBER /F
You can check if other applications are using port 8443 with the following command:

netstat -ano again | findstr 8443
If no application using port 8443 is found as a result of all operations, you can connect by restarting the worker and entering your login information on the Orchestrator Login screen.