Stuck on the "change value for field" screen

hello, my screen stucked on the “change value for field” screen when i tried to define new field in “get methods” application. i logged out and logged in again and i reset the Rworker but it didnt change. can you help me? thanks.

Most common reason is that the worker could not gather data. Could you please ensure that worker is running? Mostly user might forgets worker as select mode in command prompt window of worker.

If your issue will not be solved, please let me know.

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Hello Sir, yes i checked the worker is running. i tried to re-open the program several times but field part didnt work. i started the Rworker after i reset my computer. i continued running my process where i left off and it worked. i dont know how it solved but it works now :slight_smile: thanks for your help.

When you open this window (field) worker is trying to gather all windows’ headers so you have to wait a bit :slight_smile: Please be patient

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